How to Download PUBG Mobile for Android {APK} 2021

PUBG is new online multiplayer game which is very famous among the teenagers due to its brilliant graphics and interference to download and play PUBG Android, we are here to help you.

For starters, PUBG Mobile is available on Android for free from Google Play store and Apple store, which means that this online won’t cost you anything.

pubg mobile for android

PUBG Mobile Android 

PUBG-Players Unknown Battle Ground was launched in December 2017 but it became more popular after April-May 2018. The PUBG Mobile is way too popular than the PUBG PC. The main features of PUBG Android are following below.

  • It gave a perfect battlefield game without compromising on the graphics, game play and controls. It was quite similar.
  • PUBG was a paid game until it was launched for Android and iOS and it was kept completely free. Henceforth, the game became popular and top grossing in the Google play store.
  • The ability to conversing with the teammates while playing the game is one of the most loved features. A typical group of friends consists of 3–4 members and this game makes them possible to squad up and enjoys the game together while talking.
  • If you compare PUBG mobile to the real PUBG, it is very simple but with effective features. This enhances the confidence and boosts the interest of the player. Controls are well-organized.
  • This is an important reason. Everyone is talking about PUBG nowadays. Every You Tuber is streaming the same game. Every corner is occupied by squads competing.

PUBG Mobile Game 

This game is easily available on the Google Play Store. The minimum requirement to download this application is Android Lollipop with the 2 GB Free RAM and operating system running the version 4.3. The only the PUBG mobile can smoothly run on your device. The same requirements are applicable with the Android Tabs. You can also download PUBG GFX Tool for more smooth game play.


PUBG Mobile is fun to play get release the mind stress. There are number of updates in the PUBG Mobile since that app got launched.

PUBG Mobile for Android has received a similar treatment with a number of major updates to the game, including the new Sanhok map and Zombies mode. If you’re looking for a new mobile shooter, you could do a lot in PUBG Mobile. The game is all there, it works, and it’s free.

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