Download PUBG TIMI {APK + OBB} for Android, PC & IOS (2021)

PUBG TIMI is an official version of the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS developed by Ten cent for the Asian market. PUBG TIMI and PUBG are two titles licensed by Bluehole Company which includes a lot of vehicles and different weapons and new buildings and many more exciting features. In this version, just like its older brother, you are dropped into a Battle Royal against 100 other players where you have to fight to the last man standing. The battlefield itself contains a lot of weapons and loot all around the map whereas the air drop constantly supplying from the airplane which includes the items and other rare and exclusive guns in it.

The battlefield constantly started shrinking by time and players must have stay in the safe zone to avoid the damage cause by staying in the Blue zone area also known as Storm Area. The interference on the display is very friendly and all the controls are easily accessible to the user. In the start the inventory which includes the avatar and the other costumes are also easily accessible whereas the new feature like dance moves are especially created to tease the other players in this version. Players can always change their look and costume before the start of match in PUBG Timi and according to the map of the match.

pubg timi


This game is in Chinese. You will need to make a We Chat or QQ account in order to play. Both are free of charge and can be downloaded easily form the Google Play store. It requires Android 4.4 or higher. Unfortunately PUBG TIMI is not available in iOS as updated till 2019.

File Features

In this version of PUBG Mobile TIMI, players will be playing a new map. The main feature which includes in the PUBG TIMI is the single player combat drills and how the player can react to the different scenarios and conditions.

A new type of transport is also included in the game. Also one of the most eye catchy feature of this version is the player can be Ronnie. Off-road combat will become much more attractive.

Final Words

This game has been optimized to the best level so that the character’s actions become smoother, and even the weapons work smoother.

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