New Features in PUBG Session 13 Mobile Update (2021)

So finally, PUBG mobile session 12 is ending this week because a new session is releasing this week. PUBG Session 13 is coming with great features that players will definitely like. New royal pass missions are also releasing. This update is going to be crazy for players.

pubg session 13

What’s new in PUBG Session 13 Update?

PUBG session 13 is releasing on 13 May including the new theme “Toy Playground”. In its every update, the developers must add the new theme for players that attracts them more in the game. Adding the new theme in the game is a great way to entertain players during gameplay. Besides this, lates PUBG Graphics, new weapon skins, RP missions, outfits, and Miramar map is also coming with this update.

New Features of Session 13

  • New Maps
  • Updated Tracks
  • New Vehicles
  • Sandstorm Effect
  • New Areas
  • Updated Vending Machines
  • New Cheer Park

Final Note

We hope you all players are ready to play this newly updated game with your friends. We are sure that many hidden features are also coming with this amazing session 13. You’ll also see changes in your rewards because they are replacing rewards with new ones for a better experience. Share these great features with your PUBG friends and family and wait for the new challenges.

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